“The GSV series is made of more than hundreds of photographs collected from Google Street View. These images are not simple street photos; they hide within them, not only the objects –people in the streets- but also the shadow of the Google Street View camera installed on top of a vehicle. So here, the photographer and the photographed actually co-exist in the same shot. Although some of the individuals subjected to the Google Street View camera are conscious of the situation, they cannot help it. This, then, brings us to a new question, the monopoly that Google holds. Visually intriguing, these images also hide this tiny, hard-to-discern Google trademark; pointing to the authorlessness and anonymity. By making these street photos black and white, Şehitoğlu also erases all clues about time and space. This series, where serendipity plays a big part, bear exciting results because of the unpredictability factor.”

For the text of the project ▶                                                                                                                                                                            Nilufer Sasmazer


GSV - Moving Screen Shots

This moving image series prepared by screen records while working on each country.

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Argentine                                                                      Greece                                                                            New Zealand                                                                   Singapore                                                                       South-Africa

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