The Milk and the Marble

‘The milk and The Marble’ is an interrogation on positioning of nature in the human mind. The mind triggered by culture is also triggering behavior to recreate nature. The human being was not a tabula rasa at first and he was born with a conscious to prove his humanity over and over again. They have machines and graders being gigantic in their cutting-edge world, in order to produce things by transforming the ready creation.

‘The milk and The Marble’ are two praises about the inconsonance of human beings with nature. These two works are taken on an island (where) a human being might be described as the loneliest and most desperate, to create an illusion between the relationship of nature with  humans.   Nature - bigger than the small milk box, bigger than the gigantic graders... Despite its smallness, it still resists nature.  The mass produced milk box is struggling with its own recycle label; despite its weakness, it never gives up the depredation of  nature as if it is a toy-man and his giant tools try to reveal the core by peeling off his own shell.