Sergen Şehitoğlu

Born in 1980, Istanbul.

After studying mechanical engineering in Yıldız Technical University, he changed his path and enhanced his technical skills by working with a number of photographers.

In 2010, his works were chosen for the renowned “Silvershotz Folio 2010 Selected Artists” list and published in FOLIOS 2010.

He is one of the founder of G.F.I  (Initiative of Young Photography) and he continues his education at Marmara University where he is doing a Masters Degree in Photography. He is represented by SANATORIUM (Istanbul).            


Solo Exhibitions

“Trials: 310 Artist Portraits” - Sanatorium, Istanbul (2017)

“Kill Memories” - Backslash Gallery, Paris (2016)

“cubbyhole” - Sanatorium, Istanbul (2015)

“This is İnönü” - Foto Istanbul Photography Festival, Istanbul (2014)

“0 dB” - Sanatorium, Istanbul  (2013)

“3” Underground - K2 Contemporary Art Center, Izmir (2012)  

“2” New Underground - Art-Place, Berlin (2011)

“1” Turning – Before it came – Underground - Photography Center of Istanbul Leica Gallery (2010)

Group Exhibitions

“Sweet Little Lies” curated by Marcus Graf, Plato Istanbul (2018)

“Chance and Necessity” with Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Sanatorium, Istanbul (2018)

“Encounters” ( with Anna Barlik, Julian Palacz ), SCAG Vienna (2018)

“27.11” - Backslash Gallery, Paris (2014)

“Sublime/Yüce”, Sanatorium , Istanbul (2014)

“Arada Interdisciplinary Art Festival”, Istanbul (2012)

“Summer Show”, Foto8 Gallery, London (2012)

“Energ'etic View”, I.M.S.G Istanbul (2011), IFSAK (2011), Contemporary Art Center Ankara (2011)

“Lycée Saint-Joseph 140th Year Exhibit” (with A.Sel - M.Germen), Swissotel The Bosphorus (2010), Lycée Saint-Joseph Istanbul (2011)

“My Istanbul”, Bahcesehir University (2009), European Commission Berlaymont Building Brussels (2010)

“About Water”, Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center (2007)

“Family”, IFSAK (2007)


Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul (2018, 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013)

Vienna Art Fair, Vienna (2018, 2013)

Volta 11 Art Fair, Basel (2015)

Art International, Istanbul (2014)


“Kill Memories”, Book Published by Espas, 2016

“Istanbul Codex - Contemporary Artists from Turkey”, Book published by Antiga Edizioni, 2016

“cubbyhole”, Exhibition booklet

“0 dB”, Book Published by Espas, 2013

The Glocal Museum, Issue #2

“Weekend portfolios”, Le Journal de la Photographie, 21.07.2012
Silvershotz International Journal of Fine Art Photography, FOLIOS, 2011    

F-stop Magazine, Issue #47

“1”, Exhibition catalogue

Seminars & Artist Talk & Workshops

“Landslide”, with Ali Miharbi, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Yağız Özgen, Salt Galata Istanbul, 2017

workshop, Y.T. University, Istanbul, 2016

“Post-Internet”, Marmara University, Istanbul, 2016

“Photography and new media”, I.T.University, Istanbul, 2015

“This is Inonu”, Bahcesehir University, 2014

“0 dB”, Uludag University, Bursa (2012)