0 dB


Book Name: 0 dB

Writer: Sergen Şehitoğlu

Designer: Selin Gömüç

Text: Hakan Bıçakçı

Publisher: Espas Kuram Sanat Yayınları

Published in: Istanbul

Page Number: 100

Size: 20,5 x 32

ISBN: 978-605-4363-16-2

Behind the bright day lies a dark night. – Italian Proverb

0 dB offers visuals of silence in an unoccupied city. Combining the story of Hakan Bıçakcı, the photographs invite you to a gloomy dream. He takes him on a quiet stroll through the city created by the photographs, empty streets, underground tunnels, from day to day, from day to night, without thinking of anything else, even if for a while.

“We call ”0” for our lowest level of hearing. We define the bottom line regarding our boundaries skipping the unheard sounds that surround us, being unaware of the sounds of ideas and memories.” – Sergen Şehitoğlu