Art of Movement

Window design for Hermès Istanbul, Automn 2022.

Brand: Hermès

Season: Automn 2022

Location: Istanbul – Nişantaşı Store, Emaar Square Mall, Istinye Park Mall

Creative Team: Tuba Şehitoğlu, Tuğçe Uysal

The seasonal theme of Hermès for 2022 is “Lightness”

Our concept is based on “The Art of Movement”.

Lightness of movement ;

A conquest.

Lightness is not innate to humans; it is a conquest. To infuse lightness into his movements, the dancer works hard on his body. The body then reaches a point of balance that seems to deny gravity.

It is through training and the mastery of the body that the dancer manages to surpass himself and escape gravity

Under the theme of lightness, for our Autumn window displays, we have conceived the “Art of Movement” concept. In this concept, set in a colorful and contemporary city with vibrant architecture, we imagine people who move as if flying. They are light, colorful individuals who dance and allow light to pass through them. Throughout the city, they gracefully move on staircases, rooftops, and around buildings. Simultaneously, they showcase their inherent lightness through the play of light and color within them.