Google’s World


Google’s World series, including the works Eritrea; Mt. Paektu, Nauru consist of images of the most difficult diplomatic regions in the world (North Korea, Nauru, Gazza, Kiribati, Tuvalu) with Google Earth interface. This series; which questions Google’s hegemony on information through maps, also tries to examine the concept of boundary and how much this definition loses its meaning with current technologies.

“Once you adopt skepticism toward the algorithmic- and the data-divine, you can no longer construe any computational system as merely algorithmic. Think about Google Maps, for example. It’s not just mapping software running via computer—it also involves geographical information systems, geolocation satellites and transponders, human-driven automobiles, roof-mounted panoramic optical recording systems, international recording and privacy law, physical- and data-network routing systems, and web/mobile presentational apparatuses. That’s not algorithmic culture—it’s just, well, culture.”
Ian Bogost – The Cathedral of Computation