Les Mémoires


“Les Mémoires” is the first series of mine, which is going back to the roots.The photos consist of the superposing dreams of thousands and me where we studied from the age of eleven to nineteen in Saint-Joseph French High School.

150 years of history, together with it’s floor tiles and corridors, St. Joseph embedded in our minds. The adventure beginning from the childhood through the most important years of personal formation means more than a school life for most of us. Students disciplined by the rules of “Frères”, had to walk in the third tiles in the corridors, never put those moments out of their minds. Even today they still walk around in the same corridors in their dreams.

In this project, I visualize the dreams, the memories and the forgotten moments of thousands.

“remember after you’ve done , recall after you ‘ve gone…

just a moment in your dream,suddenly in your sleep.Being away,feeling close but you cannot reach…Walking just like in a dream,stepping in the air,still standing there,not alike but the same.

Thousands have been thinking,talking,missing and walking for 150 years…Thousands of memories are told or hidden…Timeless space stuck in your mind with the passing years…”

Exhibition List

  • Swissotel, Istanbul (2010)