This work in the form of a magazine, conducted by Sergen Şehitoğlu, is considered as a medium where artists and participants can realize their artistic attitudes.

With each issue, the publication date and the change in the name of the participant artists, the publication is referred to as “Magazine” in this text.

 The “Magazine” is published every 6 months in print, and its digital version is also put into circulation through the website. The language of publication is Turkish and English.

This publication also has a website ( www.arsivdergi.com ) in order to keep its archive organized and present and has an Instagram account ( www.instagram.com/arsivdergi ) to provide visibility.

The graphic designs of the “Magazine” used as templates were prepared by Özge Güven.

The English translations of the “Magazine” were made by Güher Gürmen and each issue was documented with photographs by Zeynep Fırat.

Each issue of the “Magazine” is printed at least 50 copies and delivered to participating artists.

The remaining prints are sent to public places such as museums and libraries with their knowledge.

Content-producing artists see the unsuitability of the conditions of the physical spaces they frequently use for circulation as a factor to create new productions rather than preventing the production.

The artists involved in this work see the spaces allocated to them as a production area and produce works specific to this medium.

In each issue of the “Magazine”, the curatorial structure changes, so the participating artists are determined by the curator of that issue.

The first issue of the “Magazine” was published with the participation of 14 artists on 06.2020, with the call of Sergen Şehitoğlu, and the second issue with the participation of 8 artists under the curatorship of Yağız Özgen.

All content belongs to the “Magazine” and to the artists who contribute with their work.