Window Display Designs from 2022

On this page, we have compiled the window display designs created by Sergen Şehitoğlu in 2022, organized chronologically. These captivating and inspiring window displays were meticulously crafted to reflect the latest design trends and elevate the viewing/shopping experience.

Each window display design was carefully curated with selected products, colors, themes, and artistic elements to create a unique and attention-grabbing visual narrative. Every design was planned with great attention to detail to reflect the aesthetic of the brand and complemented with high-quality materials, lighting effects, and visual compositions.

Each design was conceived to tell our brand’s story, inspire, and provide visitors with an unforgettable experience. We take pride in presenting you with the latest trends, innovative designs, and original artistic expressions. We are delighted to share with you the window display designs created in 2022. Enjoy your journey!

Creative Team: Tuba Şehitoğlu, Tuğçe Uysal, Handan Akyürek