Window design for Hermès Istanbul, Xmas 2020.

Brand: Hermès

Season: Festive 2020

Location: Istanbul – Nişantaşı Store, Emaar Square Mall, Istinye Park Mall

Creative Team: Tuba Şehitoğlu, Hazal Günal

The seasonal theme of Hermès for 2020 is “Innovation in the Making”

Our concept is based on Ziyafet.

Ziyafet is a Turkish word means to invite guests and entertain them carefully, feed and drink.

In ancient Greece, the word for “cook”, “butcher” and “priest” was the same -mageiros- and the word shares an etymological root with “magic”.

All animals eat, but we are the only animal that cooks. So cooking becomes more than a necessity, it is the symbol of our humanity, what marks us off from the rest of nature. And because eating is almost always a group event, food becomes a focus of symbolic activity about sociality and our place in our society.

Food preparation is one of the creative encounters that nature makes with humans.