Tempo Incognito: On Flows, Rhythm, and Movement

3 March – 18 April 2021

Curator: Rana Öztürk

Participating Artists: Ali Miharbi – Kerem Ozan Bayraktar – Sergen Şehitoğlu – Yağız Özgen, Alper Aydın & Ayşegül Düşek, Burçak Bingöl, Cevdet Erek, Deniz Üster & Gürçim Yılmaz, Ece Eldek, Ege Kanar, Ezgi Tok, Fiona Reilley, Handan Saatçioğlu, Hank Yan Agassi & Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu, Linda Boļšakova, Louise Manifold, Nikolaus Gansterer, Selçuk Artut, Sinem Dişli

The exhibition Tempo Incognito: On Flows, Rhythm, and Movement will take place in Depo Istanbul between 3 March – 18 April 2021. With over 20 participants from Turkey, Ireland, Latvia, Austria, Scotland and Switzerland, the exhibition and its accompanying programme intends to examine the experience and conceptualization of “temporality” in contemporary societies, exploring how our current sense of time can clash or be in tune with natural, ecological and universal cycles.

Working with a variety of media ranging from painting, video, and sound, to storytelling, performance, and poetry, the artists investigate temporality within the shifting context of technological, economic and urban systems. The exhibition aims to highlight the co-existence of different scales of rhythms, cycles and movements that determine how time is experienced by humans, animals and plants, extending from biological time to the speed and flux of the city to deep time of geological formations.

The current experience of the pandemic has left us in a suspended place, where we can no longer continue our previous routines. It has also highlighted many of the urgencies and the damage caused by the accelerated rhythm of contemporary societies. Under these circumstances, the questions that the exhibition aimed to put forward are all the more pertinent: Is it possible to move beyond the great divide between the historical time of society and the time imposed by nature? How do we negotiate these various experiences of time that are both in harmony and in conflict with each other? What are their implications on the body and its environs, as a site of both individual and collective experiences?

Along with the exhibition, there will be a series of talks and events that will further expand on these questions. The programme will be announced shortly.

Tempo Incognito, is developed as an expansion of Repetition ∞ Cycle Talks and Performance Series, conceptualized and co-organized by Rana Öztürk and Sinem Dişli as an event of Her Hâl Collective, at SALT Galata in 2017 and 2018.