9 Places – FoHR


9 Places – Fragments of Hologram Rose
Video installation based on a short story of William Gibson
Duration: loop

Sergen Şehitoğlu, a Turkish artist living in Istanbul, builds his art piece from the precise geographical sites that go through the story of W. Gibson, highlighting their kaleidoscopic and digital appearances, like a kind of digital maze: Barbados, Texas, Swiss Spa, New York, California, San Fransisco, Tucson, New Mexico, Athens. These 9 locations, have different meaning and lose the way of the reader who is lost in a global labyrinth. For the exhibition, Sergen has created 9 videos by the mean of Google Street Views depicting some spots and landscapes integrated into the 9 areas listed in the story. By this piece, the artist clearly re-read the narrative at the age of the internet geolocalisation which was, in a way, predicted by the writer in his concept of  “cyberspace”.

A short preview from “9 Places” video installation:

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