The exhibition is named after “Greek Pebbles”, the origin of the word “calculo” which means calculation in many modern languages.

Şehitoğlu’s solo exhibition features Google Earth images presenting phenomena on the earth in successive snapshots and symbolic expressions specific to mathematical languages working in the background of these imaging systems. The artist discusses the structural similarities and differences between ways of symbolisation which are seemingly quite different from each other, in terms of the contrast between digital maps that we encounter in communication on a daily basis and mathematical symbols not appearing in ordinary conversations.

The language system created by Sergen Şehitoğlu analyzes the “phases of abstraction” in a range extending from random relations of experience expressed through found photographic images to compulsory relations of reasoning expressed through mathematical equations.

“Pebbles” features data visualisations discussing similar behaviours between various symbols which are seemingly quite different from each other, by comparing the abstract structure of a series of symbols with the abstract structure of another series of symbols.

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Fotoğraflar / Photography: Zeynep Fırat

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