Stone Age

Window design for Hermès Istanbul, Spring 2021.

Brand: Hermès

Season: Spring 2021

Location: Istanbul – Nişantaşı Store, Emaar Square Mall, Istinye Park Mall

Creative Team: Tuba Şehitoğlu, Hazal Günal

The seasonal theme of Hermès for 2021 is “Human Odyssey”

Our concept is based on “Stone Age”.

The Stone Age man is an imaginative cultural imrovisor and has thus chosen independent routes of cultural evolution which have directed his behavior to diverse patterns more than his genetic variance.

The adventure of human odyssey started with the creative actions that were the pioneers of their age, just as Hermès productions were always ahead of their time.

Humanity, which has the past and the future, has always produced the same enthusiasm to create, even though periods have changed.

Since the stone age man, the passion of being the first to see, the first to understand and to be the first to use continues with the same feeling as in the creators of Hermès…