Iron, 290x100x290cm


1. ‘horse’

2. ‘herd of horses’

It is used starting from Old Turkish (yunt). In Middle Turkish, yunt (yund) means ‘horses, herd of horses’. [Source: TDK Etymology Dictionary]

A site-specific outdoor sculpture created in reference to the horse farm once owned by Muratcan Sabuncu and his family.

The installation is crafted based on 12 English horses bred on the farm. Representing the 12 English horses, dynamic cubes are strategically placed within a square frame that symbolizes the farm and the family.

The Yunt Sculpture, designed as a site-specific installation inspired by data collected from its current location and its historical context, is presented to the public in a public space.

In conjunction with the nearby “Yunt Art and Interaction Area,” where I have contributed conceptually and physically, these works as an artist provide opportunities for contemplating and working on various possibilities of artistic creation. This endeavor not only enhances the artistic production but also offers a new approach for the audience.

Considering the positive impact of everyday objects and visuals encountered in the daily lives of city dwellers, I have been diversifying my career with the belief that this creation will further amplify such effects. Additionally, the structure and space, with the potential to expand the city’s art map, will continue to inspire ideas throughout its interaction with people.